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12-23 may 2015

The largest sovereign country in the Caucasus region, located between Western Asia and Eastern Europe. It is the largest provider of large Dagestan Tur trophies in the area.



14-28 may 2015

A very mountainous country located in Central Asia and with its borders with the Tian San mountain range. It is the world's largest Ibex reserve of SIberia and the Argali of Karelini and Marco Polo, the best destination for high mountain hunting.



19-26 may 2015

A big country in the Asian continent. It has such a huge extension that makes it the largest country in the world. This makes it possible to have many climates and many different species. Come accompanied by one of our professionals. You will also be accompanied by one of our porters in order to obtain impressive trophies of brown bear and kamchatka, various rams, tur, wolf and many species that we will discover there. A trip unforgettable, with no doubt.



09-20 may 2015

Country located between Russia and China. It is a country with diverse orographies, combining mountain and desert hunting. Come accompanied by us in order to obtain trophies of various types of Argali of about 50 inches

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